Zeus Beard Kit


Zeus Beard Kit: Okay if you have decided to go for the Zeus beard grooming kit then it is probably the best decision you have made. Yes, it is an expensive product but trust me, it’s totally worth the price. Zeus is probably the best company in the market right now.

Let me dig into the details of the packaging. It comes with the basic tools you require for your beard. It comes with:

  • Zeus Beard Shampoo – Verbena Lime

  • Zeus Beard Conditioner – Verbena Lime

  • Zeus Beard Oil – Verbena Lime

  • Zeus Pear Wood Palm Beard Brush

  • Burlap Bag

  • Gift Box

    Zeus Beard Kit

    • Zeus Beard Shampoo:

      Consider cleaning your beard with this mild beard shampoo. Dragon’s Blood, green tea and chamomile will undoubtedly work wonders and will definitely stop the irritation on your skin. The cherry on top, the classic verbena lime scent will simply leave you with an ecstatic mood. You’ll never use another beard wash once your try our beard shampoo. I can simply guarantee that to you!!

    • Zeus Beard Conditioner

      This condition has active ingredients Pro-Vitamin B5 and avocado oil, this beard conditioner strengthens your hair follicles.Yes, this would definitely stop the hair fall and you will gain back your soft beard. Aloe vera and green tea works to moisturize the skin beneath your beard to stop itchiness and stop the dreadful so-called “beardruff”

    • Zeus Beard Oil

      The best-kept secret in beard grooming is the beard oil which is the key to a healthy and soft beard. Safflower oil and Vitamin E moisturise your skin and hair follicles to prevent beard itch. Grape seed oil and argan oil locks moisture in your hair which will eliminate flakes and what some call, beard-druff.If you can go apply these products you need not think of any more care for it. It’s more than enough. The Zeus beard balm or the beard oil would do the same thing. But I recommend going for the beard oil rather than the Zeus beard balm. Yes, it does contain the beeswax but I find the oil more convenient and easy to apply.

  • Zeus Pear Wood Palm Beard Brush

    It is really difficult to tame “the man”, but you can tame the beard with this palm beard brush. This is made with 100% boar bristles so it’s super soft yet firm brush which exfoliates skin and distributes natural oils throughout your beard for the lustrous shine and glows.

Maybe I am not doing justice reviewing it through words. Trust me, it is the best beard kit I have ever used and I have been using this product for quite a time now. I have definitely noticed some changes. My beard has become softer and the density has increased to a great extent. Yes, the smell of the beard oil is great and it’s really very attracting.

If you are planning to go out on a date or have an important meeting, you need to use the Zeus beard grooming kit to make a first good impression. I mean no one likes a shabby unkempt beard. I am glad because of the Zeus grooming kit my days of the shabby beard is gone. It makes me feel like a gentleman and makes me feel comfortable under my own skin!

Review by customers on Amazon of the Zeus Beard Kit:

Definitely great smelling beard oil. I got the verbena lime and loved it. Its a light oil that does what beard oil usually does, but I did find myself needing a bit more than I would use with most other oils. I suppose this was due to how light it is. I dropped a star because it is a small amoint of oil for a big price. The applicator bottle, which is the annoying eye dropper kind, tied over once and I lost probably one application worth.

$26 if you get 26 applications out of it, that’s a dollar every morning. I would have to apply this a good 2 times a day, so it is extravagant. That said, I would buy it again for spring and summer application. Sadly, I just shaved my big beard off for the summer, but growing season will begin in a couple short months. Beard on my bearded brethren!


My husband LOVES this beard oil! He suffers from dandruff and had to use a shampoo on it before, which smelled unpleasant. Ever since he started using this oil his beard dandruff has completely gone away and his hair is so soft and smooth (for beard hair at least lol). Highly recommend!

UPDATE: Hubby says the vanilla rum is too strong of a fragrance for him, but he loves the verbena lime and sandalwood 🙂


I was surprised how heavy this oil was. I felt like my skin couldn’t breathe. Only used it once and it felt like putting olive oil in my beard.
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