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    Zeus Beard Kit


    Zeus Beard Kit: Okay if you have decided to go for the Zeus beard grooming kit then it is probably the best decision you have made. Yes, it is an expensive product but trust me, it’s totally worth the price. Zeus is probably the best company in the market right now.

    Let me dig into the details of the packaging. It comes with the basic tools you require for your beard. It comes with:

    • Zeus Beard Shampoo – Verbena Lime

    • Zeus Beard Conditioner – Verbena Lime

    • Zeus Beard Oil – Verbena Lime

    • Zeus Pear Wood Palm Beard Brush

    • Burlap Bag

    • Gift Box

      Zeus Beard Kit

      • Zeus Beard Shampoo:

        Consider cleaning your beard with this mild beard shampoo. Dragon’s Blood, green tea and chamomile will undoubtedly work wonders and will definitely stop the irritation on your skin. The cherry on top, the classic verbena lime scent will simply leave you with an ecstatic mood. You’ll never use another beard wash once your try our beard shampoo. I can simply guarantee that to you!!

      • Zeus Beard Conditioner

        This condition has active ingredients Pro-Vitamin B5 and avocado oil, this beard conditioner strengthens your hair follicles.Yes, this would definitely stop the hair fall and you will gain back your soft beard. Aloe vera and green tea works to moisturize the skin beneath your beard to stop itchiness and stop the dreadful so-called “beardruff”

      • Zeus Beard Oil

        The best-kept secret in beard grooming is the beard oil which is the key to a healthy and soft beard. Safflower oil and Vitamin E moisturise your skin and hair follicles to prevent beard itch. Grape seed oil and argan oil locks moisture in your hair which will eliminate flakes and what some call, beard-druff.If you can go apply these products you need not think of any more care for it. It’s more than enough. The Zeus beard balm or the beard oil would do the same thing. But I recommend going for the beard oil rather than the Zeus beard balm. Yes, it does contain the beeswax but I find the oil more convenient and easy to apply.

    • Zeus Pear Wood Palm Beard Brush

      It is really difficult to tame “the man”, but you can tame the beard with this palm beard brush. This is made with 100% boar bristles so it’s super soft yet firm brush which exfoliates skin and distributes natural oils throughout your beard for the lustrous shine and glows.

    Maybe I am not doing justice reviewing it through words. Trust me, it is the best beard kit I have ever used and I have been using this product for quite a time now. I have definitely noticed some changes. My beard has become softer and the density has increased to a great extent. Yes, the smell of the beard oil is great and it’s really very attracting.

    If you are planning to go out on a date or have an important meeting, you need to use the Zeus beard grooming kit to make a first good impression. I mean no one likes a shabby unkempt beard. I am glad because of the Zeus grooming kit my days of the shabby beard is gone. It makes me feel like a gentleman and makes me feel comfortable under my own skin!

    Review by customers on Amazon of the Zeus Beard Kit:

    Definitely great smelling beard oil. I got the verbena lime and loved it. Its a light oil that does what beard oil usually does, but I did find myself needing a bit more than I would use with most other oils. I suppose this was due to how light it is. I dropped a star because it is a small amoint of oil for a big price. The applicator bottle, which is the annoying eye dropper kind, tied over once and I lost probably one application worth.

    $26 if you get 26 applications out of it, that’s a dollar every morning. I would have to apply this a good 2 times a day, so it is extravagant. That said, I would buy it again for spring and summer application. Sadly, I just shaved my big beard off for the summer, but growing season will begin in a couple short months. Beard on my bearded brethren!


    My husband LOVES this beard oil! He suffers from dandruff and had to use a shampoo on it before, which smelled unpleasant. Ever since he started using this oil his beard dandruff has completely gone away and his hair is so soft and smooth (for beard hair at least lol). Highly recommend!

    UPDATE: Hubby says the vanilla rum is too strong of a fragrance for him, but he loves the verbena lime and sandalwood 🙂


    I was surprised how heavy this oil was. I felt like my skin couldn’t breathe. Only used it once and it felt like putting olive oil in my beard.
    If you want to grow your beard then redirect here!
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    Beard Trimming Kit – Best Quality Trimming Kits Reviewed

    Fix Patchy Beard Growth

    Beard Trimming Kit: When you have a beard it’s important that you have a beard trimming kit in order to maintain it. The question arises what should a beard trimming kit actually contain. Well, it depends from person to person.

    I am going to review various beard trimming kits and you can select the one which will be right for you. Even if you are looking for a kit for your bearded friend for his birthday, then trust me you have come to the right place.

    Best Beard Trimming Kits


    A) The Trimming Kit By RapidBeard
    Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for Men Care - Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Unscented Beard Oil Leave-in Conditioner, Mustache & Beard Balm Butter Wax, Barber Scissors for Styling, Shaping & Growth Gift set
    Contents Included

    Rapid Beard oil and balm: 

    This premium beard balm will ensure that your beard doesn’t go dehydrated and stays dandruff free. It will keep your skin hydrated, healthy and a little application in the morning is gonna last for the whole day! The plus side is that you won’t have any pungent smell. These products are unscented and are completely natural. In fact, almost all the products of this beard trimming kit are 100% natural. So you need not worry the use of chemicals on your skin or any kind of smell.

    Beard oil Ingredients: (1.7 Fl.oz / 50ml): Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, Grapeseed oil, Ginger extract, Carbomer, Grape seed extract.
    Beard Balm Ingredients: (2.12 oz / 60ml): Beeswax, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Tea tree oil, Macadamia oil, Almond oil.

    Wooden Beard Comb

    This 5.3″x2″ handmade facial hair comb is made out of natural wood and top-notch quality for durability. Each brush is made with the delicate care that will leave your hair feeling smooth at any given time. The go wooden fine tooth can get any hair or facial hair, guaranteeing no catching or hair pulling like other modest plastic brushes. Incredible as a mustache brush as well! I assure you won’t be disappointed using this comb. This is just crafted with perfection! It goes well after you moisturize and shape it up with this comb.


    Yes! you heard it right! The bristles are natural Boar bristles embedded on a strong well-crafted bamboo piece. The reason boar bristles are being used is that it helps distribute oil, improve hair texture and massage scalp. If you have got a majestic and a shabby beard this is the right brush for you. Apply some beard butter or beard oil and gently brush it towards gravity. The best part is that this product can go with any type of beard, be it short or long.


    These medium-sized stainless steel beard scissors make it perfect for cutting out the extra hairs or shaping out your beard.  Grooming, trimming has never been that easier by using this scissors. Holding this pair of scissors will itself give you confidence and you will be able to snap it just the way you want. Since the blades of the scissors are very sharp it will ensure a clear-cut, precise look!

    Review by customers:

    Truly a complete set with everything in one this is all you will need fo your beard grooming. I am sure you won’t be disappointed with this. I was a little scared of this purchase because I didn’t know if it was good quality and I tell you it’s was a go move on my behalf so thank you, rapid beard. In this box which you can use to store your products, you get a comb, Beard Oil Leave-in Conditioner, Mustache & Beard Balm Butter Wax, Barber Scissors for Stylingoft brush. All of this in one shot and the scissor is actually really sharp very easy to use when trimming your beard. If you want a get grooming kit I sure do recommend this for anyone all I can if you purchase is enjoy.

    In addition, I like the fact that Rapid Beard provides a carry pouch for this item so that they can be easily transported from one place to another. I got this very fast in the mail (two days) in a nice well package box with white little foam pillows to protect my product.

     Got this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He was a bit skeptical at first, but loves it!! After about a month of using the products, someone mentioned to him that his beard looked longer and thicker. I definitely feels softer. He told me that when he gets low, he wants me to reorder more for him. Great product!

    B) WOWAX Beard Grooming Kit

    WOWAX Beard Grooming Kit for Men, Sandalwood Comb, Boar Bristle Beard Brush and Hair Scissors[ Valentine's Day Gift for Men]

    Items Included:


    Boar Bristle Beard Brush

    This is pretty much standard in almost all the beard trimming kits because it’s simply the best. Though, the dimensions may differ in different brands. The brush is made of natural boar bristles and strong enough to get in your beard and smooth it out and doesn’t have any kind of annoying pungent smell. Boar Bristle set evenly in the wooden block and not easy to fall off. Spreads beard oil really nicely as, yet soft enough and doesn’t scratch your skin. I can assure you are gonna fall in love stroking your beard!


    The best part of this comb is that it has two sides: the fine side for short beard and the coarse teeth for long beards. This comb is made of sandalwood so you would be just mesmerized by the lovely smell of sandalwood in your beard after you apply beard oil. There is a specific reason for the fine teeth side. It helps in reducing static, relieve stress and improve blood circulation.


    The design of these scissors is quite unique. You will notice a significant curve in the scissors. It helps in getting the tough corners of our chin and jawline which probably makes it the perfect scissor for cutting beard. It is made of premium stainless steel material which is rust-resistant and easy to maintain.

    You might have noticed that they don’t contain the beard oil and the beard wax. It’s because if you already have those products with yourself but want to go with the perfect trimming then you must surely go for this. Also, if you are having a hard time selecting the best beard butter, do check it out by clicking here.

    Customer Reviews:

    The boar’s hair brush and wooden comb are exquisitely crafted and durable. The stainless steel beard scissors are both functional and whimsical. This set comes beautifully boxed with a travel bag.

    perfect for my starter beard, high quality, great price. super sharp scissors with beautiful detail. The sandalwood comb smells wonderful

    C) XIKEZAN Beard Trimming Kit

    Items Included:


    The beard oil helps in softening your manly mane, but it also keeps your beard and skin hydrated to prevent discomfort resulting from dry skin and coarse hairs. This just works really great just like other premium beard oils so you can blindly apply this oil. You are going to notice softness and a light glow to your beard after continuous use. Yes, it does have a natural smell to it so you need not worry about any sort of bad smell.


    This product is similar to bearded oil but the bearded balm conditions your facial hair for a softer, more lustrous mug rug. The main difference between a XIKEZAN BEARDED BALM and XIKEZAN BEARDED OIL is that the balm contains beeswax which makes the beard soft and can be shaped up easily.


    The semi-circle comb gives us a better grip to hold the comb and yes it’s 100% naturally made out of wood. So, there’s no compromise in quality. The scissors are the traditional ones and do a decent job in trimming the g beard. These scissors are also made of stainless steel so you need not worry about rust and are really easy to maintain.


    Finally, comes the brush which is probably the most important item in a trimming kit. This is also made with 100% boar bristles embedded strongly in a palmwood crafted piece. This soft yet firm brush helps us exfoliate our skin and distributes natural oils throughout your beard for more volume and shine. 

    Customer Reviews:

    This is my husband’s first beard care kit and we are both loving it! There is a noticable difference in the conditioning of his beard after just one use. It looks better, feels better, and smells better. The scent actually lingers in the beard long after application, which is a major plus compared to regular soap! We may be a returning customer when this kit runs low!


    Very impressed! The quality of the ingredients used and the thought put into the packaging reeled me in. This beard grooming kit turns the age old adage of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” on it’s proverbial head. Not only is it neatly packaged in a minimalistic, black, unassuming box that looks absolutely great; but, it is actually a delight and pleasure to use. A perfect blend of natural and organic oils that softened and straightened my previously unruly beard, but also added an inviting “woodsy” slightly fruity scent. After a quick reading of the ingredients I speculate that that fruity smell is the Hippophae fruit (listed in the ingredients). I can not confirm that, since I’ve never actually had that fruit.

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    Wahl Balding Clippers Review – Buy at Cheapest Price

    Wahl balding clippers review

    Primary Wahl balding clippers review: Sometimes we are looking for the perfect haircutter, the perfect hair sloping or the perfect smooth shave. If you have chosen Wahl balding clippers to this job, then you have come to the right place. I have browsed through numerous forums, reviews and found out that this is the perfect clipper company I should try out. So, after researching properly I finalized to go for the Wahl 5 star balding clipper.

    Wahl Balding Clippers Review

    This company has earned its fame and respect due to the accuracy and precision its clippers provide. I tried out one of their products and started comparing it with other clippers. I could finally come to a conclusion that Wahl balding clippers are the best in the market. If you are looking for the best clippers for shaving face or head then you have come to the right place.

    Basically, there are two variants of Wahl balding clippers.

    • Wahl Balding Clippers v9000
    • Wahl Balding Clippers v5000

    Wahl balding clippers review

    As the numbers suggest Wahl Balding clippers v9000 gives us more power output which makes it the beast. The Wahl Balding clippers v5000 is also a very good choice though it may not be as strong as the v9000. It does not make much of difference. If you want to make the blades go faster and better I suggest you go for the Wahl Balding Clippers v9000. It is definitely better and stronger than the v5000.

    Okay, now let’s begin with the primary Wahl balding clippers review.

    Primary Wahl balding clippers review

    I would like to remind my readers that this product will be best used by professionals or the people who have some decent knowledge about cutting hair. The blades in the Wahl balding clippers is really sharp so there might be a chance of cutting your skin if you don’t properly handle the machine or know the right method. The machine cuts with a great precision. The machine feels very robust in the hand and feels a bit heavy but I slowly got acquainted with the weight of the Wahl Balding Clipper.

    The strong sound of the motor and the blades already gives you a confidence before-hand that the machine is going to function well. There is always a difference when you use Wahl balding clippers or the traditional razor blades or any other machine.

    Wahl balding clippers

    The Wahl balding clippers can give you a clean shave in no time. I have tried razors and the clipper. There’s a huge difference. The best part is that you won’t be getting any sort of rashes which the traditional razor blades give. You should be careful while using this clipper as you might be feeling a snag. If you can handle the machine judiciously, I am sure you are going to fall in love with this product.

    You can buy Wahl balding clipper at the cheapest rate by clicking on the button below.

    Contents of the packet

    1) Lubricating machine Oil

    2) Blade Guard

    3) 2 Extra blades

    4) A sizing comb

    4) A brush

    5) A manual.

    I would encourage you to go through the manual so you don’t mess the proper functioning of the machine.  It comes with 2 cutting blades (1/16″ and 3’16’). You can choose the desired blade based on the style you want to put on.

    Primary Wahl balding clippers: The best clippers for Shaving Face

    This is the best product available in the market and if you want to get the precision and accuracy of this device you need to have some knowledge and skill. Well, the practice would make it perfect. Spend some good bucks and go for this and I am sure you are not going to regret your decision. As I have mentioned earlier about the only downside of the machine being the sharp blades.

    The company provides us with the surgical blades for a reason. It would ensure you leave no hair behind and make your skin surface as smooth as butter! This is my honest Wahl balding clipper review and if you are looking for an alternative, trust me, there are none. You may find some from other brands but the precision and the accuracy that Wahl balding clippers provide us is beyond comparison to other clippers.

    Review by Happy Customers on Wahl Balding Clippers

    “A+++ I just purchased these and they were shipped really quick to me and packed perfect. I was a little nervous after reading some reviews of people cutting their head while using this product but let me say they must not know how to shave their heads and use it correctly! I had NO issues what do ever these work 100% perfect to shave my head completely bald without problems! These get closer than any other trimmers that I have ever used in the past other than using a razor of course. I would highly recommend these to anybody needing a really close trim / shave without using a razor or electric shaver.”

    “Bought and very satisfied. Close cut. Been looking for a close cut. This is the ideal machine anyone can get”

    That’s the honest Wahl balding clippers Review you were looking for. Follow The Beard Gentleman for more of these posts.

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    Maestro Beard Butter Review – How to USE it like a Pro

    Maestro’s Beard Butter Review: If you have unkempt, dry, unruly beard and have chosen Maestro’s beard butter, then you have come to the right place. The reason beard butter is important for your majestic beard is because it will help you keep it moisturized and soften it. The best part is you will be able to mould it the way you want to and give your beard a clean, healthy, nourishing look! All the good natural ingredients are properly blended into the product so you need not worry about skin irritation or rashes.

    Now, I was fortunate enough to get a pack of Maestro’s beard butter. Maestro’s classic beard butter comes in 3 ounces and the 6 ounces. Trust me, 3 ounce is a whole lot of it, so if you are looking forward to a trial go for the 3 ounces.

    Maestro Beard Butter Review -Personal Experience

    I am going to share what it actually does to your beard like it did to me.

    Makes it soft: As soon as you apply it to your beard, it will turn soft and the feel is really good. You can easily comb and give it the desired shape.

    Gives it a nice fragrance: Since the beard butter is blended with natural oils, it gives it a nice fragrance probably close to the smell of peppermint? Let me know in the comments down below.

    Promotes beard growth: Yes you heard it right! I have been using this product quite a while and have noticed a change. The density of my beard has increased drastically after I started applying Maestro’s beard butter, so I give it a thumbs up!

    Removes Irritation on the skin: I remember the days I had curly, patchy beard which usually pricked on my skin giving me an uncomfortable feeling. After I started applying Maestro’s beard butter, all the problems turned away to dust! I no more had irritation with the skin my skin felt perfectly conditioned. What makes this product unique is the presence of natural beeswax. The usage of beeswax helps the beard be moisturized throughout the day and keep it well conditioned and shaped.

    I remember applying Maestro’s beard butter with a slightly greater quantity and surprisingly, I can still feel the softness and the fragrance and is still in a perfect shape. I even had split ends which drastically improved after using Maestro’s classic Beard butter and the problem of dandruff also gone.

    My style of using Maestro’s classic beard butter

    Actually, it is pretty simple! I just give it a good wash with mild shampoo and let it dry on its own. Then I scoop out a coin-sized Maestro’s classic beard butter and rub it within my palms. Now, I gently stroke my beard into a desired shape with a constant motion. After I have done that, I take a comb and brush it to give it the final touch.


    What makes this product unique is the presence of natural beeswax. The usage of beeswax helps the beard be moisturized throughout the day and keep it well conditioned and shaped.

    Maestro Beard Butter Review

    Maestro Beard Butter Review

    The Only Down Side

    My day’s work involves training in the outdoor environment for continuous hours. After all the sweat and dust it becomes a bit unpleasant. I even tried other beard butter products and it is pretty much the same thing. So, I wouldn’t recommend putting on beard butter and going for an activity which involves a lot of dust and sweat or else you are good to go!

    This is the most honest review I could provide for this product. It is one of the best products I have used till date and is my personal favorite. If you also want to be the right sport, the link is right down below. Try it and share your story in the comments below!

    Review by other happy customers

    “Best beard butter ever! Smells really great.”

    “I love the creamy smooth texture of the cream. The smell is really attracting!”

    Hope you liked the Maestro’s Beard Butter Review. In case you face any problem or have anything to ask, comment down below. If you want some more amazing beard butter deals apart from maestros beard butter, move to our complete facial hair products page. 

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